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The B 211 Social / Cultural Visa

Posted on 08/01/2019

Your ticket to a life in paradise as a Divemaster 

So, you’ve finally made up your mind about following your passion and taking the plunge to go pro, by completing a divemaster in Indonesia. But, you’re still figuring your way around the Indonesian Visas?

Worry not, we’ve managed to answer all your questions about the best type of visa you can get for completing your Divemaster – the B 211 Social / Cultural Visa

What is B 211 Social / Cultural Visa for Indonesia?

This visa is issued by the Indonesian Consulate to applicants who are going to Indonesia for a social/cultural visit, such as visiting relatives/friends; social organizations; exchange visits between educational institutions; undertaking research and attending training programs in Indonesia. This is the best type of visa for anyone who is looking to stay in Indonesia for more than 2 months, and doesn’t want to do frequent visa runs.

The B 211 Social Cultural Visa is a single-entry visa giving you a maximum of 60 day stay in Indonesia, like a normal tourist visa that you get from the embassy. With the normal tourist visa, you can’t get it extended. It expires after 60 days. However, with the B 211 Social / Cultural Visa, you can apply for up to 4 extensions after the initial 60 days, each for 30 days, from the Immigration Authorities, giving you a total of 6 months in Indonesia..

Keep in mind, that if you happen to leave Indonesia before the visa expires, you cannot use this visa again to come back. It is single-entry only. So,you will need to get a new one.

These could be your new coworkers 

Social Visa

Are you eligible for the B 211 Social / Cultural Visa?

If your purpose of stay happens to fall under any of these categories, you can easily get a B 211 Social Cultural Visa!

1. Tourism
2. Social and family
3. Cooperation between Indonesia and other country
4. Between educational foundation
5. Attending short term training (This is where the Divemaster Training falls in)
6. Journalist that already has permit from the authority
7.  Non-commercial movie production that already has permit from authority
8. Conducting business conversation such as sale and purchase of goods and services as well as production or goods quality supervision
9. Giving speech or joining non-commercial seminar in term of culture, social, and government, after getting permit from the authorities
10. Joining non-commercial international exhibition


What do you need to apply for the B 211 Social / Cultural visa?

The thing to keep in mind is that you can’t apply for the B 211 Social / Cultural visa while you are in Indonesia. You must apply and receive the visa before you enter the country. The B 211 visa can be applied for in almost all countries that has an Indonesian Embassy.

The prerequisites for the B 211 Social / Cultural Visa 

1. Passport valid for at least six months at the date of entry

2. A copy of the main page of the passport

3. A copy of the page with the entry stamp in a country where you apply for a Visa 

4. A completed visa form

5.  Copy of ticket to Indonesia (Some consulates may even ask for a return ticket out of Indonesia after 2 months – the initial duration of the Visa)

6. 2 passport photos 3x4cm.


You will also be needing a few extra things, which any agency in Bali can help you out with.

·  Package of documents from your sponsor stating that he/she is responsible for you during your stay in Indonesia, which includes

1. A sponsorship letter
2. A letter of guarantee
3. Photocopy of their ID.

·  Your sponsor in Bali - is a person who is an Indonesian national residing in Indonesia. By law, the sponsor bears full responsibility for you and the sponsor’s name will be inscribed in your visa.

Some consulates may also ask bank statement to guarantee availability of funds for covering your expenses in Indonesia. So, you should ideally be contacting the embassy before applying for the visa, to ensure that you have all the documents required before applying.

After applying, it usually takes 2-4 working days to get the B 211 Social / Cultural Visa.

This could be what you call as home 

Social Visa 1 

What happens with the visa once you are in Indonesia?

Once in Indonesia, you need to get in touch with your agency again, who will help you schedule a visit to the Immigration office, where you have to go and give your biometrics.

How do you extend the B211 Social / Cultural Visa after the initial 60 days?

Before the 60 days expiry, the visa needs to be extended, which you can do it personally by visiting the immigration office. You can get the rest of the extensions, either by going to the immigration office every 30 days by yourself, or you can leave your passport with the agency, who will get the extensions done every month for you.

This could be you living the island life 

Social Visa 2

What to do once you get the B211 Social / Cultural Visa?


Get on a flight and come to paradise.

And get used to the relaxed pace of life in Gili Air, having Bintangs while enjoying the sea breeze kiss your face, as you relax by the beach on a beanbag, seeing the skies burn.

Am sure you are picturing yourself right now in this life

This could be your views on a daily basis

Social Visa 3



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