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How to make your holiday even more meaningful!

Posted on 15/01/2018

How to make your holiday even more meaningful!

Surely enjoying the sun at our white sand beaches and having a fancy dinner at our Waterfront restaurant, are must do activities for everyone visiting Gili Air. But if you are someone who enjoys having deep experiences in life and would like to enrich your holiday memories even more? Then here is a list of activities you can do with Manta Dive to make your holiday on Gili Air even more meaningful.

Biorock conservation diveBiorock building

When you join one of our biorock conservation dives, you won’t only appreciate the beauty of our island’s reefs, but you will also actively engage in protecting them. The biorock building process grows marine ecosystems, by passing a small electric current through metal structures in the water. Learn about the process and go on a dive where you can garden these ecosystems.  On Gili Air, in front of Manta Dive, there are currently 14 structures and growing!  Enjoy a snorkel or dive on them and watch the diversity continue to grow.  

Beach Cleanings

Enrich your memories on Gili Air by joining our Saturday’s Beach Cleaning Ups. Every second Saturday, piece by piece, our energetic team makes our beaches cleaner and we show others that everyone can make a difference in the world. Join the team and meet people like you. After the beach cleaning stay for a while as we provide a free beer to everyone who cares about our oceans.

Refill your water bottlesBeach Clean Manta Dive

Since we don’t like plastic in our beaches we limit our use of plastic as well. Do you have a bottle? Refill it for free at Manta Dive Gili Air. We encourage everybody to make use of this service so we can reduce the number of plastic bottles in our beaches. Safe a turtle! Ask our staff and they will assist you.

Say NO to plastic straws

Our restaurant, The Waterfront, has a firm no plastic straw policy.  We provide bamboo straws as a more eco-friendly alternative.  Help keep Gili Air wonderful by making small changes in your consumption! 

Have you enjoyed diving in the Gilis and would you like to be even more connected with the island life? Then Join one of our partner organizations and help us protect our marine life.

Gili Eco Trust

Gili Eco Trust is an NGO based on Gili Trawangan. It was founded in 2000 to protect the coral reefs around the GiliGiliEcoTrust islands from destructive fishing. Nowadays, Gili Eco Trust has grown and expanded its activities from marine conservation to waste management and sustainable eco-tourism.
<Click here to support their cause!>

Gili Shark ConservatGiliSharkConservationion

The Gili Shark Conservation is a project filled with passion and engagement for the ocean and its marine life. Their mission is to promote conservation efforts through education and research while collecting abundant data from around the three Gili Islands to build a case strong enough to propose to the government to make the Gilis’ Marine Reserve the first recognized shark nursery ground in Indonesia.
<Apply now and join their research team in paradise!>

The best thing about memories is making them. So, if you want to gain even more from your holidays, then join one of our projects and you’ll have a thousand stories to tell back home!



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