The best place to learn to dive! Gili Air

Posted on 20/11/2017

The best place to learn how to dive

So, you’ve been considering your next diving destination or perhaps you are completely new to diving and you want to know where you should earn your first diving certification. Well, it’s hard for us to remain humble on this front, because according to Lonely Planet, Manta Dive’s location ranks hot spot number 1 on the top 10 of the World's best learn-to-dive destinations. Still not convinced? Here is a glimpse of what you can expect in the Gilis and why they are routinely considered the best place in the world to learn how to dive.Why Dive the Gilis

What makes learning to dive in the Gili Islands exceptional?

A series of very fortunate geological events

Indonesia’s Gili Islands are located in one of the most important geological locations in the world, as it is part of the famous ring of fire and the Alpide belt. A region that is associated with a series of very important oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, volcanic belts and plate movements. It is this volcanic activity in the past that set the foundation for key mineral rich locations which nowadays burst with life and epic landscapes.

The Gilis being a small archipelago of three islands in the North-West coast of Lombok enjoys such perfect geological conditions and is now a perfect spot to observe exotic marine life. Now, let’s move on to what you will see underwater that keeps every traveler talking about it. Gili Islands

Marine life

Now let me give you two awesome facts! Indonesia ranks as the third most bio-diverse country in the world and second richest in marine life! Yup, this is one reason why we nature lovers at Manta Dive love the Gili islands. So, what do you want to look for when diving in the Gilis? At Gili Air you can be sure to be in one of the best places to observe macro marine life, with a huge range of sea worms, shrimps, seahorses, wide variety of crabs, lobsters and nudibranchs. If you prefer the bigger catches you will also find some of the ocean’s more famous beasts like sharks and rays as well as many cephalopods like the Reef Octopus and the Pharaoh Cuttlefish. The number one stealer of hearts on the reefs of the Gilis are the sea turtles who have owned these waters for thousands of years. Be prepared to find these chilled out dudes on 99 out of 100 dives. Need more? Let’s see what the diving conditions are in the Gilis!     Frog Fish

Diving conditions

If the above mentioned still didn’t sound super exotic to you, what about the idea of diving in crystal clear waters with an average of 25 meters underwater visibility! The water temperatures in the Gilis varies between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius, reason why you might not even need a wetsuit! These conditions will definitely make you feel like you are in paradise, but in order to become a skilled diver you will also need a bit of a challenge; this is where the currents of the Gilis come in action.

The tides in the Gilis change constantly which creates stunning effects on the beach for memorable pictures, and even more important for divers, it creates exciting currents underwater. The currents are challenging enough, but don’t worry, they are not a factor of concern for your safety. Learning to dive in the currents of the Gili islands offers divers a huge advantage over other places as their skills are boost to a higher level of buoyancy control and tactical thinking. After finishing your diving course in the Gilis, you could definitely feel confident in diving other parts of the world without much hesitation.                                                                        

The Gili Islands’ vibeDive the Gilis

So, okay, the Gili Islands are a great place to dive, but what about the vibe above the surface? All three Gili Islands are covered in green palm trees and have perfectly white sand beaches. While relaxing at the beach, expect to feel a hypnotizing and relaxing effect by listening to the sound of the waves and the wind. Additionally, you will be surprised by how multicultural the community on the islands is and by the number of international restaurants that you can find on all three islands. At night you won’t have to search hard to find a good party, but if you prefer a more laid-back and relax atmosphere be sure to do your diving course with our Manta Dive center on Gili Air. Need more than this? Divers relax at the beach while enjoying the view of the mountains in Lombok or the sunset from the West side of the island or perfectly cloudless night for a-bonfire-and-stargazing kind of vibe.  Gili Island paradise

All in all, whether you are looking for an exciting new place to dive or want to be sure that you are learning from the best in the best conditions, Manta Dive offers you the opportunity to dive in one of the best places in Indonesia.  The only risk about visiting the Gilis is that you might not want to go back home.  



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