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Wonderful Gili Air is open and NOW is the best time to visit

Posted on 20/09/2018

Wonderful Gili Air is Open!

Why now is the best time to visit our paradise island.

As you are probably aware, the Gilis and North Lombok were struck by a series of severe earthquakes throughout August. Luckily, Gili Air was not affected much but many of our local friends and their families in North Lombok were.

In a matter of days, both electricity and water supply on Gili Air were  back.It was amazing to see the whole community come together to help the islands recover as quickly as possible. Through some inspiring hard work and determination, Gili Air officially reopened on the 1st September and we at Manta Dive Gili Air, started diving and welcoming guests on the 10th September.

Your generous donations have helped us to support our local staff and their families to rebuild their lives in North Lombok. However, Gili Air still needs your support! North Lombok and the Gilis rely almost solely on tourism for their income. By visiting our island you ensuring that the local community keeps their jobs and help them to get their life back on track. You can do this by booking your accommodation, dining in the warungs, even by going diving or snorkelling, having a sunset drink., All of these businesses are either owned by or employ many of the local communities from the Gilis and North Lombok so that they can support their families.

Over the past one month, many people have been asking ‘Is Gili Air open and is it safe to visit?’

The good news is that YES, our Wonderful Gili Air is back in business. And right now, is the BEST time to visit our little paradise. Let us tell you why!

Start the day watching the sun rise up from behind Mt Rinjani, and end the day seeing the sun go down behind Mt Agung.

As Gili Air is the closest to Lombok, you get to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the sun rising behind the mighty Mt Rinjani. If you stay with us in our spacious rooms at Manta Dive Gili Air, all you have to do is wake up early in the morning, take a few steps towards the beach, and there you have Mt Rinjani waiting at you! Trust us, the view is worth getting out of bed for!

Sunrises in Gili Air

 In the evenings, you can see the sun go down behind Mt Agung in Bali on the horizon. No two sunsets are the same here in Gili Air, as every evening the sky becomes a canvas of different colors, and you can easily see the skies get LITT the hell up

 Sunset in Gili Air

Also, now might be the best time to visit as you won’t have to wait in line to get one of those iconic Gili swing sunset shot! 

The Gili Air Swing

Enjoy the tasty delights Gili Air has to offer

Every day a new café or a warung is reopening. This means you are going to have a difficult time making your mind on what to eat and where,. The options are far too many, and each equally as delicious, making your life tough come dinner time!

Nasi Campur from a warring

The best thing is that you shouldn’t have to wait for a table, as the island is a little quieter than usual at the moment! 

The variety of food options in Gili Air is suited to all kind of budgets.You can enjoy a tasty plate of Nasi Campur rom the local warungs for as less as 20,000 IDR. Nasi means rice, and campur means mixed in Bahasa Indonesia. This dish involves rice served with your choice of a bunch of different dishes including like vegetables, chicken, eggs, tofu, curry - so many yummy local delights) or a steaming bowl of curry and rice  for anywhere between 35,000 – 50, 000 IDR. Or if you’d like to really spoil yourself you can enjoy a fine Italian dinner costing you anywhere between 200, 000 – 400, 000 IDR.

Mie Goereng

We have made life easier for you at Manta. As we offer the best of both worlds, serving delicious local Indonesian cuisine as well as a variety of international cuisine in our restaurant The Waterfront.

Rice with egg and oriental style spicy chicken at The Waterfront

Dive into the crystal, clear waters of the Gilis

Here at Manta Dive Gili Air, we have been taking our dive buddies out, twice a day, to explore the many dive sites scattered around the Gilis, ever since we reopened after the earthquake.

With almost no visitors to the islands throughout August, no one was diving the reefs and there is now an even more marvelous abundance of marine life.  Everyone who’s dived with us over the past few weeks can happily attest to this!

Diving in to the blues Gili Air

Dive to make a difference

There has never been a better time to dive nor  a better reason to get started or continue your dive education. You can make a real difference by learning to dive. SSI has pledged to donate 100% of the course fees until the end of November 2018, to those affected by the Lombok earthquake.   

You’ll never have a more meaningful reason to dive than this !

Work on the Go!

Are you one of those lucky few who can work remotely?? And all you need is good internet, and a conducive environment to work on your laptop?

Guess what?

 Gili Air is possibly the best place for you then. Not only can you choose from any of the many cafes scattered around Gili Air, you are ensured a conducive working environment, as there aren’t that many tourists around here. The vibes here in Gili Air are somewhat of a relaxed nature, attracting people who like slow down, take it easy and share stories with  fellow travelers. And the best part about working out of Gili Air are the views 

The different hues of blues are going to calm your mind and help get your A Game out when you work.

Working in Paradise

And you can always go for a swim with the turtles, to refresh yourself, at any time of the day

And relax

The low tourist footfall in Gili Air right now, means not only are you are spoilt for choice when choosing where to relax.

Get that tan you always wanted. 

Or read a book in the shade, completely undisturbed.

Or just enjoy the time passing by laying on a hammock with a chilled bottle of Bintang in your hand

You get that feeling of having a little part of the island all to yourself !

Relaxing on Hammock

So, now you’re excited to get to Gili Air ASAP, let us help you. 

Get on a plane → Land in Bali / Lombok →  Go to the harbor → Take a speed boat / ferry to Gili Air ⇒ And you are here!

It's easy. All of the speed boat companies provide a free pick up and drop service from the Airport/ hotel in Bali to Padang Bai harbour - from where the fast boats take around an hour and a half to reach the Gilis.

To make things easy for you, check out this Getting to Gili Air map. 

Boat Guide Getting to Gili Air

Our home – Wonderful Gili Air needs you now, more than ever. From having a part of an island to yourself to diving and making a difference, your visit to our home means a positive cash flow into the local economy. And in return, you get to have a relaxing vacation on your terms, trying out different kind of cuisines on this little island home of ours, ultimately making it a win – win situation.

Hope to see you soon here in Gili Air !

If you still have any queries, feel free to shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.



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  • StevHani 01/09/2019 6:14am (7 months ago)

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  • MEENAKSHI J 29/11/2018 2:56pm (16 months ago)

    The photographs are spell-binding.The sunrise and sunsets over beaches are always spectacular and mountains add the required charm to the whole setting. It is indeed sad that many of these isalnds endure the brunt of nature.Gilli Air indeed is a beauty and worth a visit.

  • Sinjana 29/11/2018 6:14am (16 months ago)

    Awesome photos. Makes me want to go to Gili Air to see those sunsets. The sunrise is spectacular and I believe you when u say it is worth waking up early for.

  • Chesca 29/11/2018 6:03am (16 months ago)

    I visited Gili Air last year and fell in love with the island! I'm glad that you were all okay after the earthquake, my heart goes out to those badly affected on Lombok. I can imagine after the quietness of August, that Gili Air must feel like a secluded paradise right now! Hoping to visit again early next year, so maybe see you then!

  • Yukti 28/11/2018 7:01am (16 months ago)

    Gili Air is a wonderful and beautiful place with the stunning sunset. I really love the sunset and this place has wonderful colors of the sky and it really looks like a painting. I would love to take a photo on Gili iconic swing set as it is the most Instagrammable shot. As Indonesian cuisine consists of rice and many vegetables, I would love to try out it.

  • Kristy Bullard 27/11/2018 9:16pm (16 months ago)

    I really admire you helping those affected by the earthquake and all the people on Lombok. Gill Air looks like paradise - especially the sun rises and sunsets! I would love to travel there just to see the sun rise and set every day and eat all of the delicious food!

  • Courtney Hopkins 25/11/2018 1:15am (16 months ago)

    So sad I missed the Gili islands when I was visiting Indonesia. I have been planning to go back to visit Gili T, but this article just convinced me to add Gili Air to the list :)

  • Sierra 25/11/2018 12:13am (16 months ago)

    Gili Air looks stunning! I do work remotely and would love to do so in such a gorgeous location! Those sunsets are phenomenally gorgeous and I think I would even be willing to stand in line for the iconic sunset swing photo opportunity! Thanks for making me more aware of all that this place has to offer and the need for economic support at this time!

  • Amanda 24/11/2018 1:03pm (16 months ago)

    I NEED to visit Gili Air!! I keep seeing posts about it and your pictures are absolutely stunning! I would love to start my diving adventures there as it looks like beautiful waters and not as touristy as its neighbor Bali. The food looks absolutely delicious as well, and I LOVE the fact that you are helping the people of Lombok get back on their feet. Great job! :)

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