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Jack Point - Advanced

gili air coral Deep Dive. Depth: 24-35+M, 25-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Advanced divers only.

Drop into the blue down to 24 m to find two coral ridges stretching west separated by white sand along the North side of Gili Trawangan.  The topography and drop into the blue alone is enough to make the dive enjoyable, but then you find the sweet spot in between the ridges, where the fish are schooling.  

A local favorite and hands down the Gili Islands’ best site for pelagic encounters. Divers will be enchanted by large schools of Big Eye Trevallies, White and Black Tip Reef Sharks, and the occasional Spotted Eagle, Devil and Manta Rays.  Also, schools of Lined, Black, and Humpbacked Snappers cover the bottom, hugging into the ridge and nearly obscuring the reef below.  

Jack Point is the perfect spot for Deep Specialty  (40 m) and Nitrox diving as the depth requires special training to make the most of your limited bottom time at this magical site.  One Specialty Course that is perfectly suited for Jack Point is Recreational Sidemount.  You dive with two tanks of air attached on your sides, so you are in a  more comfortable, streamlined position, but have additional safety in the redundant tank system.  This is the perfect site to enjoy as a confident diver looking for a fun, challenging site that will reward your efforts with amazing encounters. This site is weather and current dependent, at times it will not be possible to dive.   Contact us today to book your space.  

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