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Magic Pier - Advanced

gili air nudi slugMuck Dive. Depth: 5-18 M, a 25-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Advanced divers only.

The Gili Islands’s most famous muck dive, Teluk Nara is a small boat harbor in West Lombok. Low visibility and a silty bottom underneath the pier make this spot a perfect hiding place for some weird and wonderful sea creatures.   This is a challenging dive site due to a soft silty sea floor, but it is an amazing dive for a confident, creature - loving advanced diver.  

Experienced divers can look out for rare Mimic Octopus, Coconut Octopus and even the elusive Blue Ringed Octopus.   Two chains extending from underneath the pier down to 18 M. They are covered in colorful Sponges and Sea Fans have become home for Painted Frogfish, Scorpionfish, rare Nudibranchs and Scrawled Filefish. Along the silty bottom divers can spot Orange Stripped Pipefish, Decorator Crabs, Mantis Shrimp, and Ribbon Eels. End the dive just underneath the pier to find an array of juvenile fishes including the stunning, Ringed and Emperor Angelfish and Pinnate Batfish.

It is also possible to complete the Advanced Adventure dives there as it provides perfect conditions for Limited Visibility, Navigation, or Photography Dives.   This site is not for everyone, but can be a very unique and rewarding dive if you love creatures as much as we do!  This dive site is occasionally not possible to dive if sea conditions do not permit.  Please  Contact us to book your dives today and check current conditions.  

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