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Meno Garden - All Levels

mola mola sunfish lembonganPatch Reef. Depth: 18-35+M, 10-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Beginner to Advanced.

Located just off the Southern tip of Gili Meno, the garden is a shallow flat top reef with a sandy bottom that is usually protected from the current.  This is one of the best-kept secret dive sites on the Gili Islands.  

This dive site is an ideal place for training new and inexperienced drivers. It is a popular spot for Try Scuba Diving and Open Water Courses as this site is almost always calm and protected.  Large rock boulders and small coral bommies attract an array of tropical reef fish including Butterflyfish, Angelfish, Trumpetfish, and Triggerfish. Patient divers can watch larger reef fish come into the shallows for a thorough cleaning at one of the many cleaning stations. Meno Garden is also home to many large Acropora table corals. Don't forget to peer out into the blue at this dive site as reef Manta Rays can sometimes be seen flying by. 

Off the edge at Meno Garden, there are coral bommies where  Advanced Adventure Courses can practice Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, and Deep Adventure training dives with ease.  Some say the coral garden in the shallows of Meno is the best around the Gilis. These are an excellent snorkeling destination as well.  

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