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Shark Point - All Levels

gili air white tip reef sharkFringing Reef. Depth: 10-35+M, 25-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Intermediate to Advanced.

A coral reef plateau at 10 m follows the North side of Gili Trawangan before sloping down to 18 m. The deep part of Shark Point transforms into rolling valleys running parallel to the shoreline and extending down to 35 m.  This is an amazing site when the conditions are right.  It is susceptible to current and waves when the weather is not ideal, so at times this site is not possible to dive.  This is our most requested dive site as it rarely disappoints.  

Numerous Green Sea Turtles can be found in the shallow part of this dive, as well as Anemone Fish, Ribbon Eels, Octopus, and Scorpionfish.  The joke regarding this site is it needs to be renamed, "Turtle Point" as there are always more turtles than sharks (not because there are no sharks, but there are that many turtles ).  There are often juvenile white tip reef sharks seeking shelter beneath the coral bommies at 18 m.  

The deep ridges at this dive site are characterized by a striking display of Sea Fans, Giant Barrel Sponges, Sea Whips and stony corals. From 18  m to 30 m the reef shelters many amazing wonders.  It is a nutrient rich area and attracts many schooling fish such as Yellow Lined, Humpbacked, and Black Snappers.     

Deep Shark Point is also one of the best sites for reef shark encounters, including White and Black Tip Reef Sharks. A medium to strong current is often present here making it an ideal drift dive for intermediate and advanced divers. When current is present divers can be treated to schooling Batfish, Manta Rays, Giant Trevallies, Spanish Mackerel and Dogtooth Tuna.  This can be a rewarding dive to complete as part of your Open Water course or Advanced Adventurer training.  

Contact us to reserve your space and request Shark Point as your diving destination.  


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