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Stress and Rescue Speciality

With the SSI Stress and Rescue Specialty, you get the opportunity to increase your rescue skills and enhance your general awareness of diving safety.  The course mainly focuses on problem assessment before, during, and at the end of dives.  If we can learn to diagnose a problem early enough, we can correct the issue, and continue to enjoy our dive.

Challenge yourself as a diver! 

GoPRORescueExercise web

The skills you will learn will cover many types of diving emergencies such as Out of Air, Unconscious Divers, Entanglement, as well as Response to Tired and Panic Divers.  By completing scenarios to practice your responses you will hone your skills and be more prepared if these skills were ever tested in a real-life situation (hopefully not).  Your SSI professional Instructor will guide and challenge you in the next phase of your diving career, being able to assist others as an SSI Rescue Diver.    

Many people state that when they have completed this specialty they not only feel much safer when diving but also enjoy the whole diving experience much more. Add to this the additional respect and recognition you receive from your fellow divers it truly is a worthwhile step on the SSI ladder.  

Example Schedule: 

Ascent from the Blue

Day 1  React Right Course 4 hrs

Day 2   9 am Pool session 1/2 & Theory Review

               2 pm  Rescue Dive 1 

Day 3  8 am Pool Session 3 & more theory review and exam

              2 pm Rescue dive 3

Day 4   8 am Rescue Dive 3 & complete an exam

This specialty is also a prerequisite for achieving the prestigious ranking of Master Diver and for entering into the SSI Dive Master Program which is the first step to the SSI world of professional diving.  Completion of this course will make you more confident and comfortable diver, as you have prepared for many of the worst diving emergencies.    Prerequisites include an Open Water qualification, React Right or an equivalent First Aid and CPR course, and a great attitude!  For more information on how to become a Rescue Diver today, contact us at info@manta-dive-giliair.com.  

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