Meno Wall - All Levels

butterfly fish school gili airWall Dive. Depth: 5-24 M, 20 minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Beginner to Advanced.

Two sections of steep walls extend down to 18 m before gently sloping deeper into the sand. A steep sandy slope with patchy coral gardens lies in between the two walls. This site is often protected from strong currents and waves as it is in the protected corner of Gili Meno.  

Divers can hunt for marine invertebrates along the wall including Spiny Lobsters, colorful Sea Slugs, Porcelain Crabs and various Cowrie shells. Green Sea Turtles, Clown fish, Angelfish and Anemone Fish can be seen here. Check out the large coral bommies below 18 m for mesmerizing schools of Glass fish. Look out into the blue for a chance to catch schooling Bumphead Parrotfish.  This is also a spot where white tipped reef sharks and spotted eagle rays cruise past on occasion.  Keep your eyes peeled into the blue as you float past the wall to make sure you do not miss something special!  

This site is perfectly suited for Open Water courses and Advanced Adventurer Courses as the wall provides beautiful topography to drift past.  It is the perfect dive to challenge and reward all divers with interesting macro diving.  As you finish the wall and enter the white sand area, Glass fish abound, keep your eyes pealed for the  elusive Leaf Scorpion Fish.  Also Green Turtles love to shelter along the hollows beside the corals and rest.  Contact us to book your dive on Meno Wall.