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Posted on 20/07/2018 by Silke Mueller

The Open Water Scuba Instructor is your ticket to work anywhere in the world and play in the ocean on a daily basis. You get to introduce others to the world beneath the waves and be a part of once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Have you ever been on a dive boat in the middle of the ocean and thought to yourself: "Maybe I'll just stay here and go home later next year."? Living on a tropical island, going diving every day and ending your days with a sunset sounds like a dream come true? Rush hour traffic jams, dressing up to go to work and sitting in front of a computer all day long not your vibe? If you’ve answered any of these with a yes, it seems that you were meant to be a scuba diving instructor!

Join us on a small island in Indonesia for the next step in your scuba diving career. With crystal clear visibility, perfect learning conditions and top class training facilities, Manta Dive and the Gili Islands provide you with the ideal start to your life as a scuba instructor.

What is the Instructor Training Course?

The Instructor Training Course (ITC) is a two-week course that will prepare you for the Instructor Evaluation. During the course, you will learn everything you need to know to become a scuba diving instructor. The requirement for participation is a divemaster certification. Our candidates finish the course with a solid, well-rounded education, feeling confident in their abilities.

So why should you choose Gili Air as the place to do your ITC?

Warm waters and a laid-back lifestyle

With warm waters all year round (annual average 28° C) and near perfect visibility, the conditions in the Gili islands couldn’t be more perfect for your ITC. The Gilis are also renowned for their abundant turtle population. With a little luck, one of them might swim right past us while we’re in the training area. You can also find mandarin fish, peacock mantis shrimp and the occasional mantas around here.

What makes Gili Air special, however, is the atmosphere above water. Stress is the enemy and we like to end our days with a Bintang in a bean bag on the beach, as we watch the sun go down. World-class diving combined with a laid-back island lifestyle - what more could a diver want?

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Extensive training facilities for instructor courses

In order to give you the best possible ITC experience, we have dedicated training facilities including a specially designed diving pool and several air-conditioned classrooms. These allow you the space to focus on practising and perfecting your skills. With everything located within a few metres, it couldn’t be a better set-up.

Manta Dive has several boats just outside our dive centre that will whiz you off to the training dive sites within minutes. You can relax under the covered roof or bask in the sun at the front of the boat.

Meet Your Instructor Trainer Anna Stumpf

Conducting your ITC will be our Instructor Trainer Anna Stumpf. Anna has been teaching professional diving for over ten years and has been an Instructor Trainer for four of them.

She started her professional diving journey in Utila, Honduras. After teaching in Tofu, Mozambique, she made her way to the Gili Islands six years ago. Her passions include side-mount diving and discovering the many creatures found along the slopes of Gili Air and Lombok. She enjoys the peaceful, yet fun atmosphere of the island and values the more laid-back lifestyle. Good dives and good vibes!

To find out more about her and connect with her via Facebook,  click here.

Everything You Need to Know Before Your ITC

 If you’re not ready to pack your bags and jump on a plane to Indonesia after reading all of the above, scuba diving might not be the right career choice for you ;) For the rest, here is everything you need to know before starting your ITC with Manta Dive and Anna.

Do you have any more questions? To find out when our next Instructor Training Course is starting, simply send Anna an email or check out our Facebook page.

See you soon in paradise!

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