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How can I pay and do I have to bring much cash?

At Manta Gili Air we accept Visa/MasterCard, Travelers cheques, and many foreign currencies. There are now ATMs on the island. Cash advances are available in shops or bars but you can incur a fairly high charge for this service.

Is Gili Air suitable for children?

Yes! As with most of Indonesia, children are the most welcomed of guests! Indonesians usually have large families and find children a joy! So if you want to go out for a meal you will find the restaurant staff automatically want to take care of your children, and baby sitters or Nannies are very easy to find.

Are the waters around the Gilis safe to swim in?

Yes the seas directly off the coast are safe for all levels of swimmers, but there can be strong currents in between the Gili Islands, so attempting to cross from one Island to another is not advisable (we have lots of boats for that!).  If you have any doubts it is always best to ask first, we can easily advise you of conditions, or just offer you our pool to swim in!

Are there hawkers on Gili Air?

Yes, but the difference here in many parts of Indonesia and Asia as a whole is that it is a licensed business. The Salesmen and women have to have a license to sell on the Islands and are therefore controlled, so if you say no, it means no. Often the salesman on Gili Air is a pleasure to talk to and will have some beautiful local handicrafts at very reasonable prices.

Is there police on the island?

No! But this by does not mean it is a lawless Island. The locals have an organization called SATGAS which is an unofficial equivalent. The answer to the Kepala Desa (Head of the Village) so if, for example, you lose anything they'll be your best chance of finding it. The office for the Head of all 3 Islands is on Gili Air.

Is there anything to do but diving?

Yes, although diving and snorkeling are the reason many people come to Lombok and the Gilis, there are many other things for you to do. Such as visiting waterfalls, yoga, golfing, surfing plus much more. For more information see our Activities page!

Can I dive and fly the same day?  

Please be aware, that there must be a minimum break of 24 hours between your last dive and your next flight or Mt Rinjani hike.

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