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Sunset Reef - All Levels

gili air cat fishFringing Reef. Depth: 5-24 M, a 25-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Beginner to Advanced.

A dazzling Acropora staghorn coral garden gently slopes down from the South side of Gili Trawangan. Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles, schooling Oriental Sweetlips, and schooling Batfish are a common sighting here.  This site is usually a rewarding pelagic site, both shallow and deep.  It is a great dive for the Open Water Course as it provides a good chance to see reef sharks.  Divers can enjoy the schools of fish and colorful corals while diving this popular spot in the Gili Islands.  

This site is always popular with divers of all levels, as White Tip Reef Sharks can often be spotted resting near or underneath the larger coral bommies in 18-24 m.   These provide the perfect photo opportunity as they stay relatively still when resting.  As this site slopes deep very gently, it is also a great Deep Adventure dive.   This is one dive, 18 - 30 m max dive experience with an Instructor that allows you to dive to 30 m afterward, providing you keep the record of the training in your log book. 

Poke your nose around the reef to find Octopus, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, and several species of Puffer and Angelfish. Keep an eye peering overhead and out into the blue as reef Manta Rays can fly by at this site.  Schools of Lined Snappers rest above the reef, gently swaying with the surge of the currents or waves.  To book your space for this dive, please contact us.  

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