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Meno Slope - All Levels

gili air batfishPatch Reef. Depth: 5-28 M, a 20-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Beginner to Advanced.

A sandy slope on the West side of Gili Meno, the shallow part of the slope is peppered with small and large coral bommies and is perfect for new or inexperienced divers.  Far along the northern end of Meno Slope is the Bounty Wreck.  This is a biorock originally sunk over 15 years ago and is now dense with macro life and corals.  It is an amazing site to behold the dark shadow of the wreck emerging as you drift past.  This is a great site for both beginner and advanced divers to enjoy the diversity of dives in the Gili Islands

Green Sea Turtles large and small call this site home, where divers can also expect to see large Spiny Lobsters, Leaf Scorpionfish, colorful Nudibranchs, large Pufferfish, and several species of Anemone Fish. More experienced divers can drift along the deeper ridges where Giant Moray Eels can be seen protruding from their homes, and schooling Fusiliers and Snappers can be seen hovering over the reef. The ridges are surrounded by a fine white sand where Spotted Eagle Rays can sometimes be seen cruising in the blue.  On occasion, a Blue Ringed Octopus or Giant Frogfish can be found in the shelter of the Bounty Wreck.  

This site is especially nice on a mid to strong current day, you will drift along with the current looking out for sleeping Green Turtles.  Open Water courses are often taken to this site as it provides a nice slope descend and ascent along.  This site is also an excellent as a Deep Adventure Dive as it slopes gently down to some interesting ridges at 25 m.  Whitetip Reef Sharks can often be found under the table corals or resting by the large coral bommies.  Contact us today to book your spot on the dive to Meno Slope.  

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