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Mirko’s Reef - All Levels

lion fish gili airPatch Reef. Depth: 12-35 M, a 15-minute boat ride from the Dive Center. Intermediate to Advanced.

Drop into the blue to discover a stunning reef structure rising from the deep. Mirkos lies in between the islands of Gili Air and Gili Meno and is home to some of the Gili Islands’ most stunning coral gardens.  Some dive centers call this Secret Reef as it has pristine corals and lots of schooling reef fish.  The shallow reef is home to Map Pufferfish, Yellow Trumpetfish, and the beautiful Long-nosed Butterflyfish.   This site is great for the last day of Open Water Course as you will be ready to make a challenging, free descent to 10 m on the reef top.  

This site is perfect as part of the Advanced Adventurer Course, it is an ideal location to challenge yourself with a panoramic descent onto the reef.  Also, it is one of few sites that depths of 30 + meters can be reached, it is a great Deep Specialty Course dive.  Fun divers will find the colors and shapes here amongst their favorite diving on Gili Islands.  

Deep ridges come together much like fingers on a hand extend from 35 m  to 18 m covered in an array of colorful Sea Fans, Sponges, Acropora Antler and Soft Corals. Divers can watch schooling Fusiliers and Snappers overhead, Blue Spotted Ribbon Tailed Rays hiding underneath coral overhangs, Giant Frogfish perfectly camouflaged among Sponges and White Tip Reef Sharks cruising the ridges. Follow the fingers North to ascend, to find a lovely flat reef top at 12 m which are home to large Green Sea Turtles and rainbow-colored soft corals and tropical reef fish.   Contact us to book for Mirko's Reef today.  

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